Budgeting and Forecasting

bdo business analytics floridaGSC’s budget and forecasting service focuses on removing doubt about the accuracy or reliability of your budget, or long term operating forecast. We serve as a second set of eyes to confirm your thinking, and to offer suggestions for improvement. We also help you customize your current forecast, to meet the specific goals of your business. Whether working with existing models, or building one from scratch, our team will give you the extra confidence that your budget and forecast are dependable.

We will meet with clients to review their current projected budget and check the revenue and expense estimates for accuracy and consistency. We will check calculations and formulas for precision and consistency to provide guidance on revenue estimates and expense estimates. We will recommend adjustments to methodology to improve performance.

We will work with clients using existing forecasts to improve the usefulness of the forecast. When needed we will create forecasting models on behalf of the client.